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  1. mmicjohns123
    mmicjohns123 at | | Reply

    Hi, it is a very useful information as I’ll have to work from home also and my pc is shared by all of my room mates and these room mates are my office colleagues which means I am residing with my core competitors. thanx for sharing this information….

  2. Suresh Natrajan
    Suresh Natrajan at | | Reply

    Hey Kaxil,

    You are fit to be spy :-).useful command because nowadays it has become necessary dude.

  3. Arun
    Arun at | | Reply

    I tried, but if we search the folder name(not exactly) in search box, it is showing the entire details.

    Is there any other option to block to show the search results..?

    Please send a mail to

    Thanks for sharing boss..

  4. Rajit
    Rajit at | | Reply

    Thanxxx …..Kaxil Naik

  5. ahmad fayaz
    ahmad fayaz at | | Reply

    Dear Brother,
    Thanks for your helpful information, But at the end it’s showing me this message
    (Parameter Format not correct -).
    What it mean ?

    Ahmad Fayaz

  6. vibhu patel
    vibhu patel at | | Reply

    this is a good system

  7. Julianich
    Julianich at | | Reply

    i guess you should install KrojamSoft FilesSearch and see if it can help

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