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  1. Simon George
    Simon George at | | Reply

    Thankz for sharing such a useful information….sure after my exams I am going to try this Flipkart Affilate.

  2. Shivya
    Shivya at | | Reply

    Thanks for simplifying this, Kaxil! Does it work if I add the affiliate id to the landing page of Flipkart, and someone clicks on it to search further and buy? Or say if I link to a particular product category and someone searches and buys from another category?

    Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated 🙂

  3. Abhijith VM
    Abhijith VM at | | Reply

    I have signed up for it. It’s given they give 5% for computers. Do they give really that much :/

  4. shrishail
    shrishail at | | Reply

    they can buy within 24hrs

  5. abc
    abc at | | Reply

    are you a flipkart affiliate

  6. abhay
    abhay at | | Reply

    thats a amazing info.
    Flipkart is best affiliate program in india.

  7. Anitra
    Anitra at | | Reply

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for
    providing this info.

  8. aarush
    aarush at | | Reply

    why do other people will buy from our blogs or websites
    they can buy the product directly from Flipkart.??

  9. Janmejai
    Janmejai at | | Reply

    Do they deduct TDS or something if someone chooses EFT mode of payment?

  10. Bhavik
    Bhavik at | | Reply

    If someone enter in flipkart through my affiliate link and then he close browser and if he enter in flipkart after 3 or 4 hours and purchase.In this case can i get commission?

  11. Kalpesh Bhoir
    Kalpesh Bhoir at | | Reply

    Great post..
    Thanks for the info. 🙂
    Some questions here :
    1. How much processing time it takes to receive payment after earnings reach Rs. 2500?
    2. Suppose my earnings reach 2500 and I chose payment via “gift voucher”, can I use multiple gift vouchers to buy single product?
    3. If I want to buy a product for me, will I earn any commission if I buy it through my own link?

    Thanks again.. Much appreciated 😉

  12. Madhukar
    Madhukar at | | Reply

    Very well maintained blog bro…
    I too have a huge interest in blogging and affiliate programs. But I’m just a newbie here. Can you tell which 1 is better between flipkart and Amazon affiliate for Indians?

  13. Satyender
    Satyender at | | Reply

    Lets say a user visited my link but he didn’t purchase anything within 24 hours. Instead, lets say he purchased after 2 days. Will i get commission?

  14. Nitesh Ajmera
    Nitesh Ajmera at | | Reply

    i want to know
    that if Someone buy’s a product
    through my Special link from flipkart
    then flipkart will provide me detail
    aBouT The site in which the user
    clicked and buyed. ?

    Will they provide me the tracking
    detail ?
    I dont want the coustomer detail bt
    if i would like to know abouT the
    tracking link from which webSite He clicked and buyed ?

    Please tell me which detail flipkart
    provide us after the purchase made ?

    thanks i hope you got my point

  15. Anil
    Anil at | | Reply

    thats a amazing info.
    Flipkart is best affiliate program in india.

  16. Krishnaputra Nivedat
    Krishnaputra Nivedat at | | Reply

    Suppose we add a link at the ending of the post to “Harry Potter Box Set” Cost Rs.3399. But, the user buys a different item, like, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, then do we get commission on that as well?

  17. sivani
    sivani at | | Reply

    Flipkart Affiliate Program is really very awesome. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job kaxil!

  18. Subodh Kumar Sharma
    Subodh Kumar Sharma at | | Reply

    Best site to earn money.

  19. yogesh
    yogesh at | | Reply

    Hey kaxil naik i wann learn abt bloggin and more tips for earning money online such as adsense doing part time work frm home can u refer some
    plZ reply soon

  20. Vikas
    Vikas at | | Reply

    Woww great article frnd now i decided to learn something about affiliate marketing after i learn affiliate program than i start affiliate onceagain thank u for post great article

  21. sanjana
    sanjana at | | Reply

    if there is a permission to promote links in adwords and others social sites ?

  22. Ujjwal Kumar Sen
    Ujjwal Kumar Sen at | | Reply

    Hello, this is an amazing blog post, now I got it how to make money from Flipkart.


  23. Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar at | | Reply

    Hey Kaxil!
    Really It was a helpful article for those who are new with the flipkart affiliate .
    You had shared every point valid and useful.
    So thanks for this amazing post.

  24. Mukul Chugh
    Mukul Chugh at | | Reply

    Amazing Bro Thanks For This Informative Article 🙂

  25. krishna jha
    krishna jha at | | Reply

    what i am doing if i have not a website

  26. gautham
    gautham at | | Reply

    hi kaxil, i dont have a personal website or content. can i register flipkart affiliate with a empty facebook page?

  27. arpita acharya
    arpita acharya at | | Reply

    can i do this with facebook page?
    i dont hv any website…

  28. Justin Philip
    Justin Philip at | | Reply

    Hi Admin,

    Glad to land on this good informative post. Thanks for sharing .

  29. gagan
    gagan at | | Reply

    Suppose someone clicks the link but do not buy within 24 hrs.
    Again he clicks after 24 hrs and buy something.
    Will we get commission?

  30. himanshu
    himanshu at | | Reply

    hlo bro kaxil

    I have great interest in blogging plzz help me and give siggestions how to make a blogg…

  31. Maniruddin Mansuri
    Maniruddin Mansuri at | | Reply

    really a very nice informative post…. deserve more stars rating..

  32. Sambhaji
    Sambhaji at | | Reply

    search many sites finally search ends here, thanks for the information.

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