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Hi Guys, I am Kaxil, the owner of PassionateBlogging.Com. I have been learning new things everyday about blogging, SEO, internet marketing since 2009, when I actually learnt that Internet is a source of good income. I will be posting about the new things I learn and also what I have learnt in this years, here on PassionateBlogging.Com, which will probably help you earn some bucks and create your own blog or website.

Just one advice, You can earn a good amount of bucks only by doing a good amount of “hard work”. The reason I emphasize on Hard Work is because you may have read or heard that it’s just a cake walk to earn lots of money on the internet. But trust me, it takes a lot of Hard Work, constant efforts, great amount of patience and an urge to learn something new everyday¬†to earn some nice money.

Thanks for spending your precious time to read this, hope I can help you from my blog.



Kaxil Naik

Kaxil Naik

A Passionate Blogger who loves Blogging, reading articles, always ready to learn something new & making fair bit of money online. Connect with me: Facebook | Twitter| Google Plus.